Meet Owners of Terra Firma Cosmetics, Meri Yardley and Dori Patrick

Terrafirmanov07newsTerra Firma Cosmetics was established in 2004 when owners Meri Yardley and Dori Patrick saw a need for more quality and safer ingredients in the natural beauty care industry.  There commitment to the ethical compact they’ve signed with SAFECOSMETICS to provide beauty care products free of potentially harmful ingredients is reflected in their formulations.

Their unique hydrating blend of mineral makeup with silk amino acids, helps balance the ph of your skin, provides a soft focus effect while nourishing your skin with vitamins and minerals.  This Hydro Silk Mineral Foundation buffs away blemishes, scars, and discolorations, leaving your complexion even and hydrated.

Recently, Terra Firma Cosmetics launched their “Longevity Lip Stain”.  Instead of the traditional chemical colorants used in lip stains, this innovative new product uses natural vegetable and fruit colorants in an aloe Vera gel base.  Resulting in beautifully long lasting color and supple lips.

To enhance their natural line of mineral makeup, Terra Firma Cosmetics now offers a full line of paraben free skin care and spa products.  You’ll find a refreshing mix of daily skin care along with luscious products like their “Chocolate Masque” and “Fruit Enzyme Facial Peel”.

Terra Firma Cosmetics believes that from an ethical standpoint, it is their responsibility to provide safe and healthy products to their customers.  They believe that it is possible to provide effective beauty care with pure and natural ingredients.  Their ongoing positive relationship with their customers and the trust that has been established is what makes their business a successful and personally rewarding one.

“Beauty and Earth in Balance”

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