8 Foods to Love, 8 Rules to Live By Cooking Light

Cooking Light, the world’s largest food and healthy lifestyle title, has rolled out its “8” Lists of 2008: the top 8 must-eat foods—for benefits that range from a younger-looking face and stronger bones to heart disease prevention and mind health—as well as 8 super tips to help you live well all year long.

The Top 8 Foods to Love in 2008:

Caffeine consumption not only increases alertness and improves performance but may also protect memory.

Farmed Atlantic Salmon: Salmon ranks highest in omega-3 fatty acids, shown to lower the risk of fatal heart attacks, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and cognitive decline.

Milk: Dairy products offer a package deal of phosphorous and calcium to benefit hair and skin.

Edamame: Soy protein, such as that contained in edamame, has been shown to boost collagen levels and improve skin elasticity.

Kale: Those leafy greens deliver plenty of vitamin K in addition to vitamins E, C, and folate, all of which help promote strong bones.

Chocolate: Crave-worthy cocoa and dark chocolate are both good sources of beneficial antioxidants.

Flaxseed: Adding a tablespoon of flaxseed instantaneously adds omega-3 fats, lignans and fiber to any food, such as muffins, salads or yogurt.

Eggs: Eggs are not only high in calcium and quality protein, but also provide biotin, a structural component of both bone and hair.

“Giving up a bad habit is a common New Year’s resolution, but making a positive addition to your life is much smarter, more manageable and likely to last,” said Cooking Light Editor in Chief Mary Kay Culpepper.  “Cooking Light is all about making healthy living a pleasure, and we believe New Year’s resolutions can be just as rewarding.”

The 8 Simple Suggestions to Make Life a Little Easier in 2008:

Plan now, relax later: Make appointments for haircuts, dental checkups and doctor visits in the first of the year—for all the year through.

Learn to cook (properly):  The first step to eating well is cooking well.  Turn to Cooking Light magazine’s “Fundamental Techniques” column series for a quick lesson.  In the January/February issue, discover the finer points of braising.

Create a winner: Develop a new healthful recipe, and enter to win the 2008 edition of the Cooking Light Ultimate Reader Recipe Contest. (See the magazine’s January/February issue, or go towww.cookinglight.com/perks for more details.

Upgrade your home (and lower your energy bills):
 Invest in energy- and resource-conscious technology like low-flow shower heads, new florescent light fixtures and smart appliances.

Travel the world – through your pantry: Incorporate flavors from around the globe to spice up your menu.

Take time for yourself: Cooking Light has delicious menus to enhance your solo dining experience.

Explore your passions in a new setting: Research and book a vacation that allows you to uncover another side of yourself—from volunteer getaways to art camp for adults to cooking schools.

Share the love: Start a Dinner Day celebration or Supper Club with friends and neighbors–a great way to socialize and meet new people.

For more information, visit Cooking Light online at www.cookinglight.com.