Can the ‘Law of Attraction’ Make You Irresistible? Connie Domino Says, “Yes!”

Ever wonder why some people seem to get everything they want—promotions, cars, wealth—it’s as though they have some sort of magic gravitational pull and others can only watch in envy.  So is there a secret to getting the things you want in life?  And not just money or material things; what if you could harness this power to make major life changes like losing a lot of weight, finding your soul mate, improving your health or developing a career or hobby that you’ve always dreamed of.  What if this power could make your dreams come true?

Connie Domino, acclaimed life coach and author of the book, “Law of Attraction: Develop Irresistible Attraction,” says you can make your dreams a reality.  The key to achieving your goals lies in understanding that everything is made up of energy—so you must learn to use your mind to develop positive energy.  That positive energy will then help attract good things to you.

“The Law of Attraction is a social law of the Universe that involves the exchange of energy,” says Domino.  “Just like the Law of Gravity, it is predictable and unchanging. Social laws can be used to affect the physical or material world; we can change our circumstances by changing the way we think and feel and by what we believe, what we say to ourselves and the actions we take.  I’ve taught the Law of Attraction at countless workshops to people from all walks of life—believe me this can work for you.”

Many people have heard about the Law of Attraction and the popularity of the DVD and book ‘The Secret’ has drawn more public attention to positive thinking.  According to Domino, ‘The Secret’ does a good job teaching what the Law of Attraction is about, but her book is different because she gives readers a series of five simple, written exercises that teaches them how to use the Law of Attraction to meet their goals and dreams.

“Some people have told me they’ve watched ‘The Secret’ dozens of times and they get very excited but are left wondering what to do,” says Domino. “People who have read my book tell me that it gives them the specific instructions they need to use the Law of Attraction.  There’s more to this than just sitting on your sofa and thinking happy thoughts about what you would do with a million dollars or a new car.  To make this work for you and reap tangible results, you have to develop your own personal Law of Attraction action plan to manifest your desires.”

According to a Harris poll taken in 2005, 65% of Americans surveyed expected their lives to get better by 2010.  Optimism is a good sign, but it’s only part of the equation.  A critical step for using the Law of Attraction is letting go of the past and ditching the baggage of perceived slights, negative comments and festering emotional wounds.  According to Domino, when you harbor resentment and anger towards another person, you’re creating a bond that keeps you tied to the person of your ‘un-forgiveness.’  And that acts as an ‘energy dam’ that could block your goals and dreams from coming true.

“When you are hung up on negative issues from your past, that negativity is like a barrier that blocks positive energy and prevents good things from coming your way,” says Domino.  “The technique I teach for using the Law of Forgiveness can move energy so fast some people have manifested their goals in minutes or hours.  They don’t just ‘feel better,’ their material goals also come true. Sometimes our thinking, feelings and strategies only need fine tuning for our grandest dreams and goals to come true.”

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