Raw Energy by Stephanie Tourles

Just in time for the new year, Raw Energy by Stephanie Tourles is getting foodies to turn off their ovens and eat raw, as this food craze continues to emerge as a beneficial way of life. Thanks to Raw Energy it has never been easier to add a full spectrum of raw snacks to a healthful lifestyle. Stephanie’s 124 recipes for trail mixes, parfaits, energy bars, juice blends, smoothies, soups, vegetable chips, zippy dips, candies, and cookies turn raw ingredients into delicious snacks that are chock-full of nutrients and long-term energy boosters.

“Stephanie’s book takes the complexity out and makes sustaining yourself on a daily basis interesting and approachable. These are great recipes to mix up your everyday routine and fun treats to share with others.” – – Matthew Kenney, raw food chef, author and entrepreneur

Tourles presents a new methodology of food preparation, departing from the way most Americans cook. She provides a complete overview of the benefits of raw foods, along with an introduction to “uncooking” techniques and an ingredient-by-ingredient food guide. Free from chemicals and cooked under 116-degrees, these enzyme-rich and irresistible organic foods of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds, nuts, and legumes, are the basis for great tasting dishes with Tourles’s unique twists.

Raw Energy offers a perfect collection of simple but delicious recipes for everyone. It is an excellent starting point for the dedicated carnivore to the strict vegan, for the committed raw foodie to the simply curious, health-conscious cook for anyone interested in the health benefits of raw foods. Inviting no-bake recipes for healthful, delicious light fare, including snacks, juices, smoothies, soups and sweets are all developed within the guidelines of a raw food diet and bursting with great taste.

Stephanie Tourles is a licensed holistic esthetician in both Massachusetts and Maine, with over 20 years experience. Trained in western-style herbalism, she specializes in the use of herbs as they pertain to skin, hair, nail, and foot care and regularly creates herbal cosmetics and treatments for her clients and friends. She is also a certified aromatherapist, with extensive training in the nutritional sciences, and is the author of Organic Body Care Recipes, as well as several books on natural body care. Stephanie resides in Orland, Maine with her husband and pets and spends her spare time hiking, organic gardening, and cooking.

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