Making Love Sustainable by Wendy Strgar

19924585.thbSustainability is the catch phrase of this generation, it means learning how to use current resources in a way that does not harm the future. We hear about this in terms of building homes, cultivating food, and rethinking our natural and energy resources Basically, we are finally being compelled to listen to the voice of indigenous wisdom to our lives in such a way that we can meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

This wisdom is rarely applied to love, which, I believe is the source of energy from which all else springs. Why then is it so difficult for so many of us to maintain our loving relationships? What skills and insights can we bring to our love relationships to allow them to flourish and sustain our lives into perpetuity? These questions are at the core of the mission of Good Clean Fun- we exist to increase the awareness and experience of love in the world.

About Wendy Strgar:
Wendy Strgar, the owner and founder of Good Clean Fun, manufacturer of all natural love and intimacy products. Wendy is a sex educator focusing on Making Love Sustainable, a green philosophy of relationships which teaches the importance of valuing the renewable resources of love and family. She has learned that physical intimacy is an important component of sustaining healthy loving relationships through her own marriage of over 23 years.

Wendy has studied natural health care and has used homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy and energy healing techniques with her four children, family and friends for the last 20 years. She formulated her Good Clean Fun products to meet a personal need for healthy lubrication products after the births of her 3rd and 4th child. She researches and advises on a range of healthy products for enhanced intimacy and provides information on the negative health impacts of many of the petrochemical ingredients found in common over the counter intimacy products.

She believes that healing the sexual components in her own relationship has transformed her marriage and her life. Medical studies confirm that an active sex life leads to a longer and happier life: Benefits include stronger immune response, better heart health, reduction in chronic pain and lower incidence of depression.

She studies physical intimacy across history and cultures. Her educational efforts are aimed at creating a culture which allows for normal, healthy sexual drive and exploration to flourish. Physical love is the glue that holds relationships together. Opening to and experiencing intimacy and sexuality carries a potential of loving transformation to your relationship.

Wendy has a Masters degree in Organizational Development and Training and has taught personal development/career workshops for many years. She spent years in education reform and was a founder of two alternative educational charter schools. Most recently, the project to start the first publicly funded Children’s Peace Academy in Oregon inspired her to start a for profit business to fund the work of teaching peace to children.

Wendy speaks about Sustainable Love and is working on both a book and dvd on the topic. She lives in Eugene, Oregon with her husband, a psychiatrist, and their four children ages 8-17.