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Space Clearing Practices to Improve Energy and Wellness by Christan Hummel

19132681.thbEarth energies or space clearing involves clearing away the energetic clutter in one’s house or office that can produce major even dramatic improvements in the environment you live in.

Do-It Yourself Space Clearing

Clearing the clutter in your home or office can have tremendous positive impact on your life and how you enjoy the environment around  you.

How you behave when you get home and how you arrange your home and office spaces can make a tremendous difference in the flow of energy.  Here are some of her key recommendations on how to clean up clutter and the bad energy where you live based on the principles of the ancient Chinese practice.

1. Energy follows thought—so watch your thoughts. Leave the bad energy behind and be aware of the thoughts you bring into the home.

ACTION: Control the energy you let into your home.  Respect your own space.  Take off your shoes and leave them at the front door.  Consciously leave your worries of the day at the threshold and gain from experience and knowledge of the ancient cultures who left their shoes at the door as a potent symbol of leaving the worries of the day at the door, and not bringing them into the home.

2.  Thoughts linger in an environment.  Clean out the room of bad energy.

ACTIONS:  Clean up a room physically and clear them out through ceremony, sage, smudging, intention, sacred sounds…

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