Naturcolor Natural Hair Color from Italy

Naturcolor Natural Hair Color from Italy

Always on the lookout for natural hair color products without ammonia, Naturcolor Natural Hair Color from Italy fit the bill perfectly! On a recent trip to my local Whole Foods Market, the box caught my eye and I decided to give it a try.

Benefits of Naturcolor Natural Hair Color

Naturcolor leaves the hair with variations of color. The unique emollient herbal base adds sheen and softness to the hair. The micronized plant pigment color base imparts coverage from the most subtle to the richest shades available, depending on the color selection.

Naturcolor has no ammonia which eliminates the usual “fume” odor, protects the scalp with nourishing ingredients and does not stain the scalp, does not damage the hair, allows you to achieve even coverage simply by combing it through the hair; This creates the most natural looking color possible.

And finally, Naturcolor was designed for use by chemically sensitive people. The natural herbal ingredients have been meticulously blended to achieve beautiful lasting color without resorting to harsh or dangerous chemicals.

Naturcolor comes in a complete home coloring kit that includes everything you need to achieve beautiful lasting color.

UPDATE 2/14/15 – While the price of Naturcolor is the same (similar) whether I purchase locally or online, I find that the options for getting my specific color (5R) are greater online, as both of my local natural stores seem to have limited availability. 

Available online at or at your local Natural/Whole Foods Market stores, or check things out online at