Natural Pain Relief with Swedish Halsa Mat

Natural Pain Relief with Swedish Halsa Mat… Recently, I had a back pain that kept me up all night tossing and turning for a position in which I could relax and fall asleep.

With no relief in sight, I pulled myself out of bed at 5:30 in the morning mumbling to myself as I made my way to the living room floor to try out the Halsa Mat, which had just arrived at my home a few days prior. As someone dedicated to natural and alternative healing methods, I was skeptical about this product with it’s spiky thorns. However, I would soon grow to eat those words. After such a fitful night, the Swedish Halsa Mat was the ONLY thing that offered me any relief…  In fact, I was pain-free the entire day!

Rooted in the ancient Indian tradition of spike mats that were first used about 5,000 years ago by fakirs and yogis, mainly to release physical, mental and emotional blocks, the hälsa mat is a modernized version of a bed of nails. Much like massage and acupressure, the mat is used to naturally stimulate the release of endorphins and oxytocin, the body’s own pain relief hormones.  These hormones also promote mental and physical wellbeing.

The hälsa mat consists of 8,820 spikes that stimulate your body’s acupressure points, helping it to release its natural pain relief hormones. Using the hälsa mat is simple, all you have to do is lie down to reap the benefits of increased blood circulation, lower blood pressure and increased nutrient delivery throughout the body. Some users have even found that using the mat has helped to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The hälsa mat is for anybody that wants to increase their energy levels and live a healthier life.  If you are stressed or are experiencing fatigue, low energy, muscle tension, headaches, back pain, or if you are simply looking for more complete rest, the hälsa mat is an all-natural solution that can help restore your body and mind.

To maximize your results, it is best to use the hälsa mat on bare skin, but the first few times you use the mat you can also place a thin sheet or t-shirt over the mat. The hälsa mat is safe to use for as long as you want.  However, it is recommended to begin by using it for 10 minutes per day, increasing the time to 20-30 minutes after one week.

The hälsa mat is available in black, green and purple and retails for 39.95. It is available at