Vibrational Nutrition: Understanding the Energetic Signature of Foods

Vibrational Nutrition: Understanding the Energetic Signature of Foods

Vibrational Nutrition, a mini-review.

We are all familiar with how foods offer nutritional value, but if you are looking to enhance your knowledge and intuition of the foods you eat, Vibrational Nutrition by Candice Covington, a certified aromatherapist, massage therapist, healing arts master, and energy worker, will be become your ultimate guidebook.

Why do we gravitate towards certain foods and away from others? How can you make better choices when choosing foods that offer support for your body, mind and spirit? Candice offers the answers in this well-written and detailed book for our times.

This is a VERY comprehensive guide to the unique vibrational signatures of the foods we eat and how they help form the energetic structures that influnece our behaviors and spirit.

She explains that by, “Choosing foods that resonate with your natural vibrational patterns, you can use diet to fine-tune your energetic body, remove negative energy patterns, and consciously craft a positive state for body, mind, and soul.”

Candice’s writing style paints a picture for readers, where we feel transported to her childhood, sharing in the sights and smells of time with her grandmother.

In this book she shares the energetic signature of over 400 foods, from vegetables, fruits & herbs, to proteins, wine and much more.

You can approach this book by reading through each food description, or cherry-pick the types of foods that you gravitate towards to see more about what your body and spirit are telling you. WIth either approcah, you can then develop your own food guide to enhance your personal growth and intuitive nature.

Candace also offers a wonderful section dedicated to conscious cooking where she shares recipes for helping you to develop creativity, goal-setting, emotional support and more.

Vibrational Nutrition: Understanding the Energetic Signature of Foods is available online at

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash