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Save the Planet One Green Step at a Time WIth Crissy Trask

Want to find ways to save the planet, but don’t know where to begin?  Now it’s simple, with It’s Easy Being Green (Gibbs Smith, Publisher; $12.95; April 2006), a helpful resource for all things environmentally friendly. Founder of the online activism site GreenMatters.com, Crissy Trask’s guidebook contains innumerable tips, habits, and reasons to conserve natural resources, decrease air and water pollutants and cleanse our communities of unnecessary waste.

“Green” describes a product or methodology that causes less harm to the environment than other similar products or methods.  Trask sets this as the structural base for advising consumers on how to purchase cars, groceries, home appliances and personal care products the green way.

Some of the eco-friendly tips Trask lists in her book include:

Use a toaster over for small jobs.  It will use a third to half as much energy as a full-size oven.

Keep windows and drapes closed on hot days to reduce radiant solar gain.

Always cover pots when cooking.  It speeds cooking and uses less energy.Trask says that her book serves as a guideline for people who are wanting to learn more about the most efficient and cost effective ways to conserve energies and protect the environment.  With everything from common “green living” myths debunked, to tips on how to have an eco-friendly home and garden, Trask compiles exhaustive methods for recycling, reusing, sharing, and purchasing less.  This book is a firm reminder that being mindful of waste and excessive spending, both of man made and natural resources, will allow the earth’s population of humans, plants and animals to live healthier and greener lives.

Trask has compiled definitive lists of green online retailers, resources and organizations aimed to conquer environmental issues and a chapter devoted to how people can become advocates for the green factor both nationally and within local communities.

Crissy Trask is the sole proprietor of GreenMatters, a business started in 1999 to advance environmental education and activism online.  She delivers solutions-oriented home and lifestyle evaluations to clients of her business’ consulting arm.  Trask is renovating a 1907 historic home in Spokane, Washington, using low-impact materials and products.

And coming in the next issue os Amaze… an interview with Crissy!

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