THE WRITING DIET: Write Yourself Right-Size by Creativity Guru Julia Cameron

Bestselling author Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way) has inspired millions of people around the world to transform their lives and tap into their own creativity. Now, her new book THE WRITING DIET: Write Yourself Right-Sized offers a unique and rewarding approach to personal health and weight loss—and demonstrates how daily writing can be an effective tool for slimming down.

Cameron was inspired to write the book when she noticed that the students in her workshops were consistently losing weight as a side effect, and realized that renewed creativity was an effective way to block overeating. Why? The answer is simple: experts agree that often we eat not because we are hungry, but to soothe our emotions. By incorporating a daily practice of writing and other tools, The Writing Diet can help us tap into our emotions and deal with them in a healthy way—on the page, instead of on our plate.

This unique approach reinvigorates creativity, gets readers in touch with their deeper selves, and puts an end to mindless eating. Thoughtful and effective, The Writing Diet can be followed in conjunction with any specific diet or eating regimen.

THE WRITING DIET: Write Yourself Right-Sized can be purchased from,, and ordered through most booksellers.