Yoga Fitness With Dana M. Layon

DanaarticlepicWhat is fitness?
The state or condition of being fit.

What are your fitness goals?

To lose weight…
Eat better…
Reduce stress…
How do you plan to meet those goals?

Everyone’s needs are different.  For some, we need someone to start us off on our path.  We may need a friend to attend classes with us to keep us motivated.  Anyone can join the gym, sign the papers and pay your money – but are you committed?  Do the instructors or staff care if you show up?  Are they guiding you along your path of health and longevity?  We need inner strength to commit to our overall fitness intentions and follow through to completion.  This is where yoga stands alone among all the other fitness routines we could choose.

Yoga is the cornerstone of any fitness routine.  It is a unique science and is the most complete approach to a healthy lifestyle. It challenges our mind, body and the very nature of our being. Yoga is, perhaps, the only discipline through which an individual can truly experience inner balance. Let us try and understand the distinction between yoga and regular fitness programs with the help of the following table:

Regular Fitness Programs                                                    Yoga

Goal oriented                                                                             Process oriented – always exploring

Improves physical element of the body only                        Improves physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well                                                                                                       being

Competitive                                                                                Non-competitive, non-judgmental, personal

Physical exertion                                                                       Physical exertion plus relaxation

Opportunity to fail when not meeting your goals                 Success is inevitable

Weight training builds muscle,  creating a bulky look        Yoga strengthens muscle tissue by toning them,                                                                                                                   creating a sleek and strong look

You may fee tired and burnt out                                              You feel refreshed and rejuvenated

Added benefits of yoga

Relieves stress by slow, rhythmic breathing techniques.  It can help you to stay healthy by bringing in more oxygen, increasing blood circulation and thereby increasing boosting our immunity naturally.

Yoga makes you physically strong.  Down dog, plank, warrior poses, sun salutations – all these poses combined make you strong from the inside out.

Weight drops from yoga – by breathing, moving, stretching and focusing on the present moment – you are better equipped to make correct decisions about your food choices.

Healthy habits start from the inside out.  You make a choice to be healthy. Once it’s made in your mind – you put a plan into action.  Supportive guidance from a certified yoga instructor can help anyone follow the path to a more well-balanced life.  It is important to remember that yoga does not always mean movement.  It may be quiet and focused thought, slow and methodical breath, awareness and focus.  When we quiet the mind, we hear the most.

Future longevity will combine wellness therapies for our health.  Yoga, massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy and basic good eating habits are all a way to stay healthy and fit.  Exploring natural alternative therapies as healing modalities.