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Organic Skin Balm Captures Essence of Healing Herbs

All Good Goop” Organic Skin BalmOn occasion, Caroline Duell, president and founder of Elemental Herbs, can still be found in the kitchen mixing up a batch of “All Good Goop™” healing skin balm, considered a medicine-cabinet staple, and an alternative to petroleum jelly-based formulas. As Elemental Herbs’ premiere product, it put the company on the map nationally in 2006 as a manufacturer of organic herbal-based healing formulas.

These days, All Good Goop is made at a solar powered community center facility near Duell’s headquarters in Morro Bay, CA, and she still likes to keep her finger in the pot, so to speak, overseeing everything from sourcing the highest medicinal quality herbs to making additional batches when necessary to fill customer demands for the exceptional healing ointment.

With an unparalleled combination of herbs and botanicals, All Good Goop’s popularity stems from the fact that its all-natural, organic formula benefits literally most any skin condition. For example, the balm can be used for:

· rough, dry hands, whether a climber or construction worker
· minor burns, cuts and scrapes
· diaper rash and other skin reactions
· chapped lips
· cracked heels and other skin irritations, including bug bites

Duell initially created the balm using well-known healing herbs grown in her garden – herbs relied upon for centuries for their skin-healing properties. The formula includes all organic calendula, comfrey, lavender, plantain and yarrow, which are infused in organic extra virgin olive oil with pure beeswax, vitamin E and lavender essential oil. It is free of artificial fragrances and preservatives.

All Good Goop is available at retailers nationwide or at www.elementalherbs.com.

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