Ohm Beads Makes Your Special Moments Last Forever... Ohm Beads, the unparalleled charm jewelry line, welcomes Spring with a new collection featuring intricately detailed pieces that may be strung together as personal characteristics, travels, favorite things, or profession to help create everlasting memories for an exciting new year. Designed to express every aspect of personality, commemorate precious moments or help make new ones, Ohm Beadsä is the perfect accessory for casual wear to dressier occasions and a lifelong memento that is sure to be cherished.

Life is not in the moments that pass. It is in the moments you remember. Nature lovers will adore ‘Butterfly Garden’, a charm of four butterflies over a garden of flowers, give a new mother ‘Peapod’ to celebrate a new baby, strut your stuff like a proud peacock with the silver engraved ‘Peacock’ charm, or bring glamour to your bracelet with the newly launched collection of swirled enamel beads. A celebration with friends will always be remembered with the limited edition ‘Girl’s Night Out’ bead that can be engraved with initials. An even closer bond is fostered by the two-in-one ‘Best Friends’ bead, one charm that splits for two friends to share. There’s a keepsake for every astrological sign, birthstone or memento that caters to your personal style. Committed to creating beads with which individuals can personally identify, Ohm Beadsä has also launched The Community Bead Project on its Facebook page and takes fan’s design wishes and submits them to the designers, giving fan’s an insight to the bead-making process every step of the way!

Founded in 2008, Ohm Beads has been captivating shoppers and fashion insiders alike with its ever-expanding collection of more than 700 beads of solid sterling silver, 14k gold, Murano glass, CZ, and Swarovski crystals faceted on silver or gold bracelets, all with the most exquisite details. Ohm Beads, which takes its name from the meditative sound that purportedly connects all life and inspires balance, is a fun and stylish way to keep those deeply unforgettable moments with you. Ohm Beadsä can be purchased at boutique retailers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe and the Caribbean or online at specialty sites with prices ranging from $20 for beads to $1000 for finished bracelets. www.ohmbeads.com